The Board participated in the Embu Agricultural Society of Kenya Show that was happening from 14th – 16th March 2024. We senistized stakeholders and the general public about our mandate as a regulator, the quality and safety tests that we undertake to make sure that our milk products are safe for consumption, development of the dairy industry through capacity building of stakeholders to practice sustainable dairy farming and use of modern technologies to increase production. This is in line with the Government’s Bottom Up Transformation Agenda.

The Kenya Dairy Board team was awarded for showcasing the agencies professionalism and quality of our services by winning the following 5 Awards during the just concluded Embu ASK Show.

1. Position 1: Best local stand in strategies of international trade and exports
2. Position 1: Best Agricultural Based Organization that Disseminates Safety information in Agricultural Products.
3. Position 2: Best Regulatory Authority and Corporation Stand
4. Position 2: Best Agricultural Based Statutory Board Stand
5. Position 3: Most Striking Display Demonstration of Locally Manufactured Products.

Kenya Dairy Board stood out among all corporations in the Embu ASK Show 2024.