Our Background

Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) is a state corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development, established through an Act of Parliament, CAP 336 of the Laws of Kenya.

Dairy farming and marketing of dairy products in Kenya goes way back to 1900 when it was in the hands of the colonial settlers. As Africans exerted pressure to have a share in dairy activities at that time, there was need to expand the sector and allow the native Africans to also produce and have a market share. A committee was formed in early 1940’s chaired by the department of Agriculture of the time which led to the development of the Swynnerton plan of 1948 that recommended the inclusion of Africans in dairy farming.

As the whites and Africans struggled to have a share of a very limited market, and improve quality of milk and milk products, there was a recommendation in 1955 that there was a need to form a body that could regulate milk and milk products standards in Kenya. This led to the birth of KDB in 1958 through an Act of parliament CAP. 336 laws of Kenya.

During its 65 years of existence, KDB’s role has continued to evolve in line with changing Government policies and priorities spearheading development in the industry. The Dairy industry is an important source of food, employment, incomes and wealth in Kenya.

Our Core Values

Our Vision

To be a world class dairy regulatory agency

Our Mission

To regulate and facilitate a value driven and sustainable dairy industry

Our Mandate

To regulate, develop and promote the dairy industry