Corporate Services Department

The Department is responsible for provision of strategic leadership, expert advice and input to the Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team to ensure optimal utilization and management of the Board’s resources. It provides accountability in the functional areas of Corporate Communications, ICT, Human Resource and Administration.

Corporate Communications

 The division is responsible for effective dissemination, receipt and feedback of information and communication within the Kenya Dairy Board and with its stakeholders. It is also responsible for the promotional mandate of the Board which is undertaken through consumer education, generic milk consumption campaigns and corporate social responsibility. Educational and awareness programs are conducted to empower the consumer on milk quality and safety and thereby drive demand for compliance in the dairy value chain. Programs that benefit the community and environment are also undertaken such as tree planting.

1. Consumer education

Through consumer education programmes, the Board sensitizes consumers and the general public on the importance of consuming quality and safe milk and milk products. Increased consumption of milk and milk products for nutritional and health benefits is also promoted. Consumer communication channels used include print, radio, television, social media and outdoor advertising programmes.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Board undertakes various CSR initiatives aimed at creating a positive impact on the society and the environment. Activities undertaken include:


The division is responsible for providing and maintaining ICT infrastructure and support services, in order to accelerate adoption of ICT solutions for easy access to cost effective and convenient service delivery. Key functions include:

Human Resource

The Division is responsible for planning and implementing all human resources strategies, policies, procedures and personnel management.


The division is responsible for providing administrative support, asset management and logistical assistance to all departments of the Board for effective service delivery.

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