Regulatory Services

This department is responsible for regulating and ensuring compliance to dairy standards and safety requirements as per the Dairy Industry Act, CAP 336. Activities undertaken include inspection and issuing of permits to dairy business operators and surveillance on the quality and safety of milk and milk products along the dairy value chain. These aim at consumer protection and facilitation of trade.


The Division is responsible for ensuring compliance to quality standards and safety requirements and enforcing the Dairy Industry Act in order to safeguard consumers health. These activites include: Inspection and issuance of permits to dairy premises, Surveillance, dairy policy advisory services and Enforcement of the Dairy Industry Act.

1. Inspection

Risk-based inspections of milk handling premises are conducted to monitor compliance with the requirements of the Dairy Industry Act Cap 336 and other public health regulations.

The inspection process is automated and well-structured to ensure standardization, objectivity and efficiency. Non compliances are addressed through technical advisory services and other legal procedures

2. Permit Issuance

Dairy business operators are required to obtain relevant permits from Kenya Dairy Board. Premises dealing with milk and milk products are first inspected to establish compliance to milk quality and safety requirements prior to issuance of permit. Routine inspections are subsequently conducted to monitor continued compliance. Non compliances may lead to suspension of license.

Permits issued

Application for export and import permits for milk and milk products: – Importers and exporters of dairy products are required to register and apply online for the relevant permits using the Kenya Electronic Single Window System (Kentrade System)

3. Quality surveillance

Surveillance on the quality and safety of milk and milk products across the dairy value chain is routinely conducted to establish compliance to the relevant standards. This informs on the Board’s regulatory interventions to improve the quality and safety of milk and milk product.


The division is responsible for provision of high-quality laboratory analysis and testing, generating data on the quality and safety of dairy produce to inform decision making and as an objective means to measure, monitor and evaluate biological and environmental markers on dairy related issues.

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