Standards and Enterprise

Supporting the development of the Kenyan dairy industry is an important mandate of the Board. Improved milk production and productivity, value addition, compliance and market access are integral to a sustainable dairy value chain. The department undertakes various activities  to support the growth of the industry through; capacity building of stakeholders, standards development, trade facilitation and research.

Capacity building

The board undertakes various activities to build the capacity of stakeholders to increase milk production, value addition and compliance through:

Standards Development

The board participates in harmonization of dairy standards at the international (CODEX Committee), regional and local levels to promote trade and safeguard consumers’ health.

Standards for all the mainstream milk and milk products have been developed. Nine dairy standards have been harmonized at the EAC level.

Dairy Trade Facilitation

The Board engages in various activities to promote domestic, regional and international markets for Kenyan milk and milk products. The activities include:

Research and Dairy Development

The Board undertakes:

Relevant dairy research, surveys and data collection to inform and facilitate decision making by Government, primary producers, dairy business operators and dairy industry stakeholders

Modernizing the dairy industry by promoting adoption of appropriate innovations, practices and technologies for increased productivity.

Supporting inclusion and participation of women and youth in dairy production and other upstream activities for gender and youth mainstreaming and empowerment

Dairy sustainability and climate change

Advocating for adoption of green energy technologies in the dairy industry to conserve the environment and improve productivity.

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